Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Airship Pirate

I love Steampunk. I don't really own anything steampunk but I've been contemplating getting a few small pieces. Right now, I'm reading Steamed by Katie MacAlister. I've, also been listening to Abney Park especially the song Airship Pirate. I was walking the other day in slightly in a bad mood and was listening to it, when I pictured myself as Bloody Kell the most fearsome Airship Pirate Captain. She wasn't a nice or dashing pirate, she was, instead, a terror. She slaughtered anyone who didn't surrender and danced in their blood. She eventually retired to the Americas after amassing a giant fortune and purchasing a pardon. Upon landing she and her manservant who she rendered mute disappeared having adopting new names. She purchased large plots of land in the wild west.

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