Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mtn. Grove: Anna's Country Book Store

I went to Anna's Country Book Store in Mtn. Grove MO today. It's a very nice small store. I remember waaay back when that location was used for a comic book store. That was an embarrassing number of years ago. It seems like that location just screams out for business involving the written word and the enjoyment of it. I had a small amount of money to spare and since I'm a bookaholic the first thing I thought about buying was books.

I originally went in to buy a book by Shanna Swendson, which I thought I saw in there. However, it wasn't in there but they did have a very good selection of other books. I wound up buying a few and spent about twenty dollars with tax. While shopping I enjoyed some friendly conversation with the owner. It turns out that she has daughters in college. Not the college I'm in but I still thought it was interesting.

While I did buy several books there were more I thought about buying and I plan on going back for more.

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