Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saint Patty's Day, Boondock Saints, and depressing speeches.

This post is a day late. I'm going to try to post two today.

Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day. It's one of my favorite days. We always celebrate it in my family. We usually eat my favorite meal, corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes. We put the meat in the crock pot early and add in about a bottle of Guinness to the meat along with water. After many hours we add the cabbage and potatoes. I thought about making colcannon, but I was tired, also, I like the taste of cabbage and potatoes with the meaty taste of the beef. This year Dad bought a good cut of beef it was good.

I rented Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day. I'm a new fan to those movies. I saw the first one on IFC a couple of weeks ago and promptly bought it. I have to say I liked the first one best, but I enjoyed the second one as well.

Yesterday, I had Speech Class and Algebra. Speech was easy in some ways because I just had to listen to the other students give theirs. However, it seemed like almost everyone picked a sad topic. The first speech was on Preeclampsyia which is a condition that can kill pregnant mothers and their children. The next one was about the Make A Wish Foundation. Make A Wish is a great foundation but the it is sad to hear about the children who die. The next student spoke about compartment syndrome which affects people who have been in accidents, and athletes. The saddest one of all was about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The student actually broke down in tears when speaking about the death of a friend's child.

Although, I really love Saint Patrick's Day it was a long and tiring one for me.

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