Sunday, April 4, 2010

Zombie Story

I've been writing a zombie story on Facebook and Twitter. I've been posting a bit each day. On Sundays I'll post everything I've written so far on here. We'll see how long it lasts.

I was doing my job as a crossing guard. The sound of the tire was like screaming and then there was screaming. I woke up on a cold surface. I needed someone to help me, but most of all I needed someone to eat.

I tried to get up but my body was stiff. When I managed to budge, I could hear things cracking. It felt like my whole body was one big limb that had fallen asleep. I fell off the cold metal table and as I lay there, I could hear the sounds of a distant drum.

The drumming became louder and then there were feet in front of my face. Being that close to human flesh brought life to my limbs and I was able to move. I grabbed a hold of the leg, there was screaming and the person tried to pull themselves free, but there were no match for my unnatural strength. I pulled the leg to my face and took a large bite.

The coppery taste of blood and meat filled my mouth. I felt almost alive again. For a moment, I didn’t care that I was eating another person. It felt like eating a really good hamburger, but as good as the leg tasted I knew the real nourishment was in the head. I kept a hold of the leg and stood up knocking the person down to the ground. I let go and grabbed for the head. The person screamed and screamed as I shoved my fingers into the skull. I ripped the head open and scooped out the brains. As I ate the tender juicy meat, the drumming stopped.

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