Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zombie Story part 2

I munched on for a while but the good stuff was gone. I got up and banged around the room, trying to find a way out. The partially eaten body began to groan. I found an open door way and attempted to get through it. After a couple of tries I was successful I left the room and went in search of more meat. A very distant part of me recognized that there was another zombie, that I had created, but I didn’t care.
I heard the drumming again but it was louder. I knew that there must be more than one drummer. This made me happy, more drummers more food. I went to search for them. They were coming to me perhaps they were drawn by the screaming of my last victim. I started to feel the lethargy of being dead seeping back in and I let out a long depressed moan. I needed food or I would wind up trapped in my own useless corpse again.
“What the hell?”
“Are you o.k.?”
I heard the people say as I approached them. I ignored it; it wasn’t like I could answer them back. I grabbed a hold of one of them and took a big bite out of their arm. He screamed and his friend tried to get me off him. I munched away happily, as I ignored his attempts to get free. The friend put his hands on my head and pulled. I didn’t like that. Some instinctive part of me knew that it would be bad if my head were damaged.
There was not much I could do about the hands pulling my head but fortunately, one of the fingers was close to my mouth so I bite it off. That got him to let go. With him screaming, I was able to take a bite into his friend’s head. That took quite a bit of effort but it wasn’t long before I got a mouthful of sweet sweet brain meat.
The one whose finger I bit off run away screaming. I followed, hoping to eat more of him before the infection spread. As I shuffled onward, I was joined by the fellow whose brain I could still taste. If I had been thinking clearly, I might have pondered why my victims were more mobile than I was. As it was, I didn’t care. I was content for now to let him follow me.

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