Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zombie Story 3

I stopped and listened by now recognizing the drumbeats as heartbeats. I heard some in the distance. I bumped along the corridor and tried to follow the sound but the walls kept stopping me. I did this for a while until I hit a door. I was able to push it open with my body. I was outside and felt a distant sort of hope, but as the lethargy came over me, I moaned. The other zombie was still trapped in the building and it moan in unison with me. I moved along hoping to find another drummer.
The sun was high in the sky, which I didn’t like. My instinct said that nighttime was my friend. I heard the drums approaching me. I loved fast food.

“Stop where you are.” I turned toward the drummer and shambled towards him. He kept yelling at me. Had I been alive, I would have listened to the police officer, but I was dead. I kept moving, I felt bullets strike my body. The force of the bullets knocked me off balance; I fell and crawled towards the cop.

The cop stopped shooting for a moment until I reached him. I bit his leg and munched down. The bullets tore into my back but thankfully missed my head. He managed to rip his leg free, he hobbled away with me crawling after him.

I was not enjoying my afterlife. Although, I had no real emotions of any kind a part of me, possibly my legs, just wanted this to end. I crawled along and came upon the animated corpse of the cop. He was eating the hand of a young crying woman. I grabbed her leg and ate.

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