Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Creating Character Emotions: Anxiety

AnxietyAnxiety (Photo credit: Alaina Abplanalp Photography)The second emotion in "Creating Character Emotions" by Ann Hood is anxiety. I know quite a bit about anxiety since I have been diagnosed with it. Yet I found it surprisingly hard to write about it. In the first exercise, we had to write a one page interior monologue about a character who is anxious about getting something.

Anxiety #1

Five days to go. In five days, I need to pay my bills or my electricity will be shut off. My landlord wants the rent. My student loan payment is already one day late. The check is not here yet. Where is the mailman? Is it here yet? Fuck.

Four days to go. I can’t call anyone for help; my phone has been shut off. What can I make using the scraps in the fridge? I don’t think that meat has gone off yet. If I grab that, will there be enough for leftovers? Where is the mailman? Is it here yet? Fuck.

Three days to go. Leave me alone. I can’t believe my hours were cut. I think that meat was off. I have been on the toilet all day. I hurt. I need to gather my info so I can get a payday loan. I don’t want a payday loan. Where is the mailman? Where is the mailman? Where is the mailman? Is it here yet? Fuck.

Two days to go. I wish I were a zombie. How much easier would things be if I all I had to was worry about eating brains. I hate this. I want to be left alone. I wonder if I could pawn some stuff instead of getting a loan. I wonder if I just leave. Can they fend for themselves? Why can’t they? What would I do? I can’t just leave. Where is he? Is it? .Fuck

One day to go…

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