Saturday, July 28, 2012

Creating Character Emotions: Anxiety 3

anxietyanxiety (Photo credit: FlickrJunkie)For the third exercise we had to write about a person's anxiety about something relatively minor. I decided to link my this back to the first anxiety exercise.

Anxiety #3

Candi checked the mailbox. Just like, she had for the past four days. Every day she had hoped that her check would come in so she could pay her bills and buy some food. Every day she checked it and every day she been disappointed. She needed that money. She needed it bad. There was nothing in there yet.

She was afraid that she had screwed up somehow. Was it her fault that the money wasn’t in yet? She didn’t know what she was going to do if it didn’t it come soon. Candi checked the mailbox again and swore when there was nothing in there. She went back into the house and sat down. She picked at the ends of her hair. Her phone rang. Her account had been put on suspension. She could receive calls but she couldn’t call out.

She didn’t want to answer it. She didn’t want to talk to anyone. It could be just another bill collector calling. Where was the mailman? She almost didn’t want to check the mail. What was she going to do if there was no check in the mail? She didn’t think she could even qualify for a loan, even if she wanted one. Getting a loan would just mean getting into more debt. She stood up, walked to her window, and looked outside. Nothing.

She scratched at her face. She turned on the TV and turned it off again. She heard something outside. Was he here? She opened her door. She looked at her mailbox. She wanted to open it, but she didn’t dare open it. She reached down and pulled the mailbox door open and looked inside. There was a stack of envelopes. She swallowed. She felt a shiver of joy. It must be in there. It must be. She grabbed the envelopes and sorted through them before she even went inside. It must be here. It must be. She got to the envelope and smiled…

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