Friday, December 28, 2012

Creating Character Emotions: Confusion 1 & 2

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Schools out right now, so I finally have time to work on my writing.

Working on Confusion in Creating Character Emotions.

Exercise 1 was simply listing 10 why questions.

1.      Why did she die?
2.      Why do we exist?
3.      Why is the sky blue? 
4.      Why are they famous?
5.      Why am I not famous?
6.      Why is the internet full of haters?
7.      Why do I care? 
8.      Why don’t people care about x? 
9.      Why does he/she not love me? 
10.  Why should I try?

The  second was to write 3 scenes showing fantasy vs reality based off a the three I choose from the list were a young woman who claims to be a mistress of a famous actor, a man confessing that he is a serial killer, and a homeless vet. After you write the scene you have to ask 2 questions that cast doubts upon their reality. 

Confusion 2
1.      The young woman sat in front me. She offered to sell me the story of how she was the mistress of a famous actor. For a minute, I pictured what that might be like living in luxury but living with a secret that must never be told. I pictured the expensive gifts and secret meetings. Why would someone risk it all, to sell their story to a rag like mine? Why did she appear so shabby, if what she was saying were true?
2.      The thin jittery man sat in front of the police officers and revealed how he would sneak into houses and kill the women who lived there. He explained that he did it because they were all harlots who deserved to die. How did such a shaky man pull off such clean kills? Why was he confessing now after years of killing?
3.      I drop some change in front of the homeless vet. Poor man must have had a very difficult life. Serving his country, only to wind up homeless. I look at him and surprised at what I see. Why does he look so young and what is he doing with an expensive watch?

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