Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union.

I don't normally watch the State of the Union because I tend to have very little interest in politics, however for extra credit in Speech class I need to write a short paper about President Obama's speaking style. These are the notes I took as he spoke. They are very rough. I might post the polished paper after I turn it in.

State of the Union

Shaking hands smiling touching arms looking in eyes kissing on checks before even starting his speech he strived for a friendly tone. Half hugs thanks for applause
Fellow Americans our declaration declares that pres. Shall give a state of the union has been through good times and bad times, speaks about dubious events of the past and spoke of test to courage. We move forward as one nation one people. One year later the worst is past but devastation remains.

Looks around back and forth up and down uses his hands to make points. Strong gestures. Moves slightly when points are softer. Uses both hands when talking about groups like the poor. Quotes a letter from a anon. person sent. Bidon wanted to clap at several points before he had finished sentence. “We all hated the bank bail out. I hated it you hated it popular as a root canal.” Frowned when speaking of the banks lips tight. Spoke of fining banks because if they could afford bonuses they could pay us back. Points fingers when talking about tax cuts. Little joke big smile when talking about the tax cuts.

One guy yawned when pres spoke about job growth. Others looked around to gage others response. Some clapped while others spoke to neighbors. Spoke about anon people with hope in America. Spoke about the jobless voice dipped slightly. Voice changes to reflect points. Hands reaching chin level when speaking about bills he wanted to past. Waves hand when speaking about doubters about people who said to wait or that the economy couldn’t be changed. “I do not accept second place for America.” People stood applauded noise level rose.

Looks around constantly. Spoke about innovations in clean energy some stood others sat We will double our exports in the next two years to increase jobs spoke about competition a lot. Sports metaphors but game nonspecific. Biden frowned looked sad but agreeing when talking about funding only success not status quo. Pass a bill to fund community colleges. Talked about increasing pell grants and cutting back on subsized loans forgivness after 20 years of loan debt shorter for social workers, cutting back on admission prices in colleges. Spoke about doing things not because of politics but because of stories he has heard from Americans.

Often spoke about hearing from average Americans. thanked wife but she looked kind of pissy gestured for people to sit down. Pres said she gets embarrassed. Problems are not going away esp. in healthcare but “I will not walk away from these Americans, and neither should the people in this chamber.” Challenging opponents to “let me know” if they had a better idea for health care reform. Laced fingers when not gesturing. Spoke about walking into debt before walking into the door. Applause and laughter. Spoke about America as a family and about disciplining if necessary i.e. the budget. Laughter after “That’s how budgeting works”.

Rebukes past administration for helping us into this crisis. “Let’s try common sense, a novel concept.” Slight very slight laughter. Blog visitors online. Judges looked stern during applause about dubious items online on one page before vote. Never thought miracles were going to happen there will always be disagreements but that is the essence of democracy. It shouldn’t Points to the crowd be you lose points to self I win. Applause. Will not give up trying to change the face of politics. Spoke about tough fights but hope when speaking about terrorism.

Micelle(?) looked less pissed when he mentioned her efforts with veteran support. Summed up all points esp. about foreign politics. Spoke on several points about women and student rights. Unity in our incredible diversity. We are all created equal. Civil rights. Repeal law against gays in military.

Didn’t speak too fast or slow taking pauses at points. Spoke about people turning away from news and politics. Spoke about our efforts to help the people of Haiti. Spoke of hope and strength and finished with “God bless the united states of America.” My feelings afterward were hopeful but pessimistic.

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