Sunday, June 28, 2009

White Hart Renaissance Faire

Yesterday I went to the White Hart Ren. Faire. I go every year and always have a good time and spend more than I intend to. This year I dressed sorta pirate style. I wore these loose baggy black pants that I love, a light white shirt, and my black red and gold dragon corset. I also carried a peacock tail fan. I meant to take a picture when I got home but I just wanted to get out of my corset. It wasn't so tight it hurt but after 4 hours it becomes uncomfortable.

While there I bought a cane sword topped with two dragons surrounding a big blue ball. I like it, but I wish the ball was a stone or a different shade but I do love the dragons; plus I've always wanted a cane sword. I, also bought a black hip scarf with silver coins. I have done some belly dancing but haven't owned a hip wrap before. I got my Dad his father's day gift, a new knife to crave with. And of course I bought some food.

It was a little weird at the start, I ran into my best friend from high school, Bobbie. I haven't seen her in around nine years. When we were kids I stuck to her like glue. When we were in high school she dated a man named Marty. She dropped out in our junior year but we stayed close for a couple of years. She married Marty a year or so later she left him. After that She just disappeared. It hurt my feelings for a long time that she just forgot about me. Eventually time heals all wounds and I've moved on. Heck, I didn't even recognize her. She's remarried and has a couple of kids now. She looked happy, and better than when I knew her.

After that I walked around, saw a couple of shows, and talked to a nice couple about horror movies and books.

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