Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bleeping DFS

Wright County Division of Family Services esp. Case Worker Naomi are full of Sh!t. My best friend is in a desperate fight with no way to win against them. They made a list of things she needed to do in order to get her kids back, and now they say that nothing she does will get them back instead it's up to a psychologist to determine whether she will get them back or not. This will be the third psych that the girls are going to and their mother has never met. The second psych put the youngest on a medicine thats not meant for anyone under the age of ten.

The youngest girl who just turned 6 has oppositional defiant disorder. Her mother spanked her with a belt ONCE because she broke her bedroom window with her fist during a fit. The girls have been with a foster mother who the girls and their mother trusts. She has been doing her best to provide a stable home for the girls during this horrible time. Now Naomi wants them placed in a stage 3 home. So the girls' foster mother is having to fight to keep them.

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