Friday, December 10, 2010

Zombie Tarot: The Fool

The FoolImage by Donna L. Faber via Flickr

I had an idea for a zombie tarot but to be honest I can't draw, so I thought I would write out the concepts for each card anyways.

The Fool

Some say that The Fool is the key card of the tarot deck, and that the tarot is really the story of his journey. This works really well for a Zombie Tarot. The Fool is someone who does not yet know that the zombie apocalypse has happened. He is like Shaun from Shaun of The Dead.

The Fool stands on a cliff, or perhaps the roof of a high rise, looking at the sun and is oblivious to the danger that surrounds him. Nipping at his feet is a zombie dog. Little does the Fool know that he has the key to his survival in the pack that he carries.

Upright, the Fool represents the kind of innocence that will save him from the initial outbreak. The Fool has a knack for gathering allies who will help him. He is the kind of person who will try anything and therefore is more likely to figure out how to kill the zombies.

Reversed, the Fool relies on a kind a of dumb luck that can only get him so far. The Fool makes poor decisions which can lead to his allies or himself being turned into zombies. He will try to find places, like a pub, to hide in which will only turn into a deathtrap.
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